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Discover wine with

Maria Andronidou

Guided by the love for wine and its quality, my involvement with the subject counts over 20 years of testing and business recognition.

In the past years, various collaborations took place, meeting remarkable people, who had the same cult and passion for wine and taste, resulting in the evolution not only of the taste culture but also of the requirements for the next step.

Wine Tasting Seminars 


to wine tasting 90′

A variety all over the

island (Crete)60′

8 different 

indigenous varieties (Crete) 90′

Wine Experience Tastings

2 White – 1 Rose – 1 Red wines  (Crete) 60′

2 White – 1 Rose – 2 Red wines  (Crete) 60′

Just Wine Tasting Νο 6

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Step 3

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Learn With Me

With simple steps, but valid information, get to know the vineyard of the area you want, pleasantly exploring its terroir.

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