Guided by the love for wine and its quality, my involvement with the subject counts over 20 years of testing and business recognition.

In the past years, various collaborations took place, meeting remarkable people, who had the same cult and passion for wine and taste, resulting in the evolution not only of the taste culture but also of the requirements for the next step.

The original vision was the perpetual upgrade of the quality of taste and the pleasures that accompany it, always interwoven with values that do not soften over time, on the contrary – like good wine – they mature and transform into something that everyone would like to try.

Then all this vision had to be communicated to as many people as possible in an accessible and understandable way, offering unique products and services with responsibility and reliability.

This is how the Wine Center of Crete was created based on valid knowledge, ensuring your trust and participation in this great effort.

The evolution of the Cretan and the Greek vineyard in general is amazing year by year.

The Wine tastings are constantly evolving, always maintaining the faith and the love for the good wine.

Thank you for being with us.
We wish you always be healthy and in the mood to enjoy life!

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